Join us Feb 6th...

Run for a good cause with us on February 6th.

We are hosting 2 events to support charity and hope to see all of you out to fundraise for these special causes: Mikkeller Running Club Charity Run to fight poverty and Run for Whales to help protect the whales and oceans.  We will also be launching 2 new beers at the events Energibajer and Atomic Whale.

We encourage you to donate to the causes even if you can't make it out for the run.

Mikkeller Running Club Charity Run

The MRC February training will be special, as we will be running for charity. The aim is to collect money to fight poverty, this year's theme “Danmarksindsamlingen”. We hope that all runners will make a donation for every km left behind.  Please invite all of your friends to join.  We’ll also be sampling the new Energibajer, our new alcohol free beer.

Atomic Whale

The “Atomic Whale” is the result of a Mikkeller/18th Street Brewery collab. A Russian Imperial Stout with added cherries. To be eligible to purchase the beer, participants must finish either a run or a walk, and because of the very limited number of bottles, it’s on a first come, first served basis. Limited to 1 bottle per person. Available in Copenhagen and Chicago only.
Upon purchase, you’ll be treated to a sample - and enter the raffle for an 18th Street jacket.  20% of all proceeds will go directly to


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