WAKE THE FAKK UP, HIBER-NATION! Event at WarPigs 30/01-2016

Remember spring? The smell of stomped grass, the dew on your bike seat in the morning. We can’t wait – so we don’t!

This Saturday, WarPigs does a high salute to the returning of the sun gods with a big ass party luau style! To set the standard we will release an all new and unique WarPigs barrel aged tokaji brew that will be streaming golden out of the walls! A WHOLE suckling pig wrapped in banana leaves will be sacrificed to the smokers, and live surfer-acid-tunes will shake form the darkest corners of the brewhouse. We will force spring to wake the fakk up and join the party!

Playing this night is IBRAHIM ELECTRIC who’s peculiar – extroverted – genre-mixing music sticks its fingers into just about every music-related cookie jar… their style is not for the pedantic. They mash and mix the trademarks of AFRObeat – 60’s acid-power-beat – old fashioned soul/jazz and fast punk passages that makes cracks in the roof! And it changes all.the.time. 



Time? 1800 till the clock gives birth to two-headed twins! 

See you Saturday, hopheads!

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