New Bourbon and Brandy BA Bocks

Three new barrel aged bocks for your collection.  If you are a fan of Bourbon and Brandy these Raspberry bocks are smooth, sweet and smoky, take your pick...

Raspberry Trippelbock Bourbon

Mikkeller’s original Raspberry Trippelbock is complimented by smooth caramel flavors imparted by the Bourbon barrel aging process. A sweet and fruity aroma of raspberries gives way to toffee and vanilla notes on the palate with a long and sweet brown sugar edge on the finish.

Raspberry Quadrupelbock Bourbon

Aromas of fruit, cocoa and sweet florals on the palate give way to a long finish. This Quadrupel, bursting with raspberry, malt and toffee notes, is combined with the warm, satisfying finish of bourbon in this new barrel aged edition.

Raspberry Quadrupelbock Brandy

This beer combines the original Raspberry Quadrupelbock with the characteristics of Brandy from the barrel aging. Ripe and sweet raspberry aromas give way to malty toffee notes and a moderate sweetness on the palate with a rich, alcohol finish from the barrel ageing.


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