Mikkeller is throwing a Skt. Hans party at Refshaleøen

From 12.00 onwards on June 23rd the craft brewery is celebrating the opening of their new Barrel Room, a bar and food venue at Refshaleøen.

This year’s Skt. Hans is very special for the people from Mikkeller as they move into their new 300 sqm space at Refshaleøen placed on a 700 sqm ground facing the Copenhagen waterfront.

The opening of Mikkeller Barrel Room is to be celebrated with 666 free beers, a large bonfire, music, and not least the release of the Mikkeller/Copenhell collaboration absinth ’Absindssyg ’ – an exclusive bourbon barrel aged version, limited to only 25 bottles. Music starts at 12.00 and food will be served from food trucks including Warpigs among others.

Beers in Wooden Barrels

From opening day Mikkeller Barrel Room will be a bar and food venue, but another important function is added to the old warehouse - the barrel aging of beers.

“You may know Mikkeller as a brewery which is opening bars, arranges beer festivals and other events - but let’s not forget that behind the success of Mikkeller lies a passion and dedication to the brewing of beers and the process within brewing”, Jacob Alsing, Operations Manager at Mikkeller, explains.

“Some of our success is due to the barrel aging of beers. Apart from doing the actual barrel aging in the new place, we also aim to introduce and show the barrel aging process to the visitors - and obviously give people the chance to taste the beer as well. At the same time the barrels serve the purpose of creating a nice and cosy atmosphere”, he says.

“We are really happy to have gotten our hands on this place. It has a very special laid back atmosphere. It serves the purpose perfectly,”

During summer Mikkeller Barrel Room will mainly be open on weekends. For more info and opening hours check out the Facebook page:

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