Mikkeller Brewing San Diego Barrel Program

The barrel program at Mikkeller Brewing San Diego is currently underway, as roughly 80 barrels are sleeping quietly. The use of oak and base beers will vary greatly, with experimentation and precision paramount. While we begin to learn how our mixed cultures react to our cellar, our wort production will focus on developing three base beers (Golden, Red, and Dark) to chariot the initial fermentations. As we discover nuance, we will drive the program to represent classic European-inspired profiles alongside American Wild Ale aggression (high acidity, with clean & fruity Brettanomyces character).

Southern California allows Mikkeller San Diego an ideal opportunity to explore myriad fruit infusions to the mixed fermentation beers, in addition to the utilization of various wine barrels from local wineries. All to be determined . . .

 Our first mixed fermentation beer will be served in late July – A variation of the Nelson Brut that was fermented in a single red wine barrel with Belgian Ale yeast, Brettanomyces, and Lactobacillus. Most recently we filled a mixed of red and white wine barrels for the first iteration of Brett Saison.

In addition to the mixed fermentation beers, Mikkeller San Diego is well underway with spirit barrel aged Beer Geek Brunch, Ny Verden Old Ale, and George Imperial Stout. An exciting portion of the cellar includes Maple Bourbon BA Rauch Geek Breakfast, which will hopefully see bottles sooner than later.


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