Mikkeller Brewing SD - Bottling Line info

Mikkeller Brewing San Diego operates an Italian made bottling line, made by Prospero. This system is a counter-pressure filler with a sanitize water rinse and CO2 purge. The bottler has 12 heads. A bottle will travel through the rinser first. It receives a rinse with with filtered sanitizer water then the system blows it out with air. The bottle continues down the line where it is hit with a CO2 purge and is double evacuated before filling.

The bottle is then filled with beer, leveled then is met by the crowner, where it is capped. The filled bottled then exits the machine and his hand packed and sent through the case sealer. The case of bottles is sent down the accordion where it is hand stacked on pallets, shrink-wrapped and ready to be sent out.

We currently run the system at approximately 2200-2300 bottles an hour with 30 barrel batches of beer going into the bottles. 22oz bottles are currently coming out of the line but we have the ability to do 12oz and 750 ml bottles as well.  

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