European Cycle Messenger Championships JULY 21ST – 24TH


Copenhagen, the City of Cyclists,
is proud to host the 21st annual ECMC.

The European Cycle Messenger Championships are born out of the passion and enthusiasm that thousands of bicycle couriers around Europe (and beyond) put into their daily work. Messengers from around the world will converge in Copenhagen for a celebration of the vibrant global courier community and wider urban cycling culture.

A series of races, events, markets and parties will be held across the weekend, culminating in the main race, in which a grueling combination of speed, stamina and smarts will be required in order to be crowned the European Champion.

With ties to the bike messenger scene (some of our employees used to ride the streets of Copenhagen for a living, before making the move to beer), as well as a strong connection to athletic competing, we didn't think twice about brewing a beer for ECMC: A hopped-up Pilsner with added orange juice. Clean and simple with added nutrients for good measure.  

We're super excited to be teaming up with the guys behind ECMC, who worked for months, creating a major event out of passion and love for cycling, as well as countless hours of hard work.

Hats off, guys.

For a full overview of events, go here: ECMC 2016

Pick up the beer here: 
Mikkeller Webshop
Mikkeller & Friends Bottle Shop
And look for it in our bars elsewhere.

And please help spread the word, or get involved here, if you feel like volunteering.  


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