Mikkeller Brewing San Diego - Berliner Bash

August 6th and 7th Mikkeller Brewing San Diego will be throwing a Berliner Bash. Throughout the weekend we will be pouring over 15 different Berliner Weisses showcasing exotic ingredients and creative combinations. The Bash starts on Saturday when we open the doors. Curious beer drinkers and tartness aficionados will be able to taste through some unique Berliners and vote on their favorites. For the non-Berliner drinkers adventuring with their tart loving buddies, we will have several of our other beers on draft.

Berliner Weisse tend to be sour, tart, effervescent, low in alcohol, and incredibly refreshing—making it the perfect beer for hot summer days. This very old style has a storied history and was dubbed the “Champagne of the North” by Napoleon in 1809. The brew crew over here at Mikkeller SD looked to take this traditional style and flip it on it’s head. They set out to make some ridiculously drinkable Berliners for hot SoCal days by using cocktails, strange fruits and exotic ingredients for their inspiration. These are not the same shade of Berliners you see around town. Get ready to push your palate and your creativity. Below, each one of the guys highlights one of their beers.


Dan, Brewer

Dan was motivated by out-there ingredient and really weird fruit. One Berliner him and Chris are excited about is one made with gooseberries. Nelson beers are all the rage and a common descriptor for them is, “gooseberry”, although many have never experienced this fruit first hand. The gooseberry Berliner will showcase the berry on its own to highlight its true qualitie. This one will be tart but earthy with wonderful citrus notes.

Dan is also looking forward to a Berliner with Oolong . The earthy, grassy, fruit notes plays well with the lemony, citrus tang of the Berliner base. Keep an eye out for a Berliner that is an ode to SpontanTripleBlueberry with loads and loads of blueberries.


Chris, Brewer

Chris was inspired by far out there ingredients and specialty produce. The goal was to create unique but recognizable flavors using elements not commonly seen. A particular beer Chris is excited about is a Berliner with plerry, a plum-cherry hybrid. This beer has  a pink hue reminiscent of ripe plum flesh. This one is another example of tartness being balanced by sweetness.  


Bill, Head Brewer

Bill’s concoction is a Berliner with lemon zest and vanilla bean. Bill has been really intrigued by zest of late. Lemons are a SoCal staple and that twist of vanilla give this Berliner its particular flare. The brightness and acidity from the lemon is tempered and balanced by the vanilla, creating a fun and refreshing Berliner.


Roy, Cellarman Extraordinaire

Roy looked to create a Berliner based on getting through a hot, tropical day by sipping on a delicious and refreshing cocktail. Roy thought up a Piña Colada Berliner, as a perfect counter balance to the San Diego heat. Grilled pineapple, some coconut, and a little bit of rum flavor balanced out by the lime like acidity from the Berliner Weisse base trick you into thinking you are lounging on a beach in Hawaii. Another Berliner that strikes the balance between sweet and sour.

Stayed tuned to Mikkeller SD’s Instagram for Berliner Bash updates and sneak peaks at beers.

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