Mikkeller Bottle Shop Aarhus


On October 1st Mikkeller Bottle Shop Aarhus will open up its doors for the first time. The shop is located in the heart of the new gastronomic and vibrant food paradise Aarhus Central Food Market. The market has a very central location in Aarhus, just 1 minute walk from the main station right on the pedestrian street. The market aims for quality, not quantity and the focus will be on well crafted products and the gastronomic experience. You’ll find shops, delis & restaurants which will offer the very best selection of food and beverages you can think of. All the stands are hand picked and chosen because they care of what they are doing. That’s why Mikkeller is joining the team. The market stands in line with our perception of how to do things and we want to continue pushing boundaries with our products. With this new shop we’ll get a new playground in Aarhus and create a synergy with the already existing bar.

In the shop you’ll find a very big selection of Mikkeller beers as well as a rotating selection of sought after beers from our friends from all over the world. The selection will feature the newest releases, rare vintages and the freshest hops. On the shelves is to be found the full selection of Mikkeller Spirits and rare bottles of the best spirits crafted in Denmark and the rest of the world. The shop will host tastings and events on a regular basis and daily we will make a big effort to pair our beer with our friends at the market.

The staff will be ready to answer questions at every moment and support guidance for picking the perfect beer. Whether it is lager, hoppy, sours, black etc.

Some highlights for the opening:

  • Release of Beer Geek Vanilla Shake Bourbon Barrel Aged
  • 100 free beers
  • Mikkeller San Diego release
  • Bottle Shop Run with Mikkeller Running Club

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Mikkeller Bottle Shop Aarhus
Skt. Knuds Torv 7-9
Phone: 52401015

Opening hours:
Wed-Sun: 12-19
(Nov/Dec: 11-21)

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