1. year birthday at Ramen to Bíiru (Nørrebro)

More than a year ago concrete plans were made to create a Japanese ramen and Danish craft beer bar in Copenhagen. After much diligence, planning and months of hard work in a kitchen, a location was finally set!

Mikkel and Uki opened Ramen to Bíiru in December of 2015 on Griffenfeldsgade 28 in Nørrebro, Copenhagen. With a simple menu of three ramen’s and 8 beers we did not imagine that our guests and friends would be as stoked and as excited as they were for us in a city where ramen had previously never been synonymous.

Time flies as they say. We have had a fantastic year: We expanded our menu and have actually had 15 ramen’s on the menu during the course of the year as well as installing a vending machine packed with awesome and rare beers! One of our greatest accomplishments this year was opening a new and bigger Ramen to Bíiru in Vesterbro, on Engehavevej 58 in Copenhagen!

Now that a year has passed since we opened Ramen to Bíiru in Nørrebro, we would love to see you for some ramen and beers and to celebrate the year that has passed and to new beginnings on Friday 9th of December.

Check out our 1 birthday facebook event for full details! Here

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