If the world won’t bring good beer to the music festivals, we will build a music festival around good beer!

You’re at a music festival, Your favourite band is on stage, the crowd is ecstatic. Life is good and it’s a great experience…….until You go for beer and find that all that is offered in the bar is the same watered down pilsner that is on tap at every venue and festival in the world!

At Mikkeller we decided to do something about it.

Wouldn’t the music sound even better if You could also enjoy a Beer Geek Breakfast? Or a Stella 5? And maybe some gourmet food as well? We think so, and so does our friends at Claus Meyer and Beatbox Entertainment. So we’ve teamed up with the Dessner brothers from The National to create Haven Festival in Copenhagen. The best music, the best food and of course the greatest beers in the world.

We will bring good beer to the big bars and great beer to the smaller bars.

The National will headline the music part. We also present Mouse on Mars and The Danish String Quartet. Surprise music names will be announced later.

When: 11 – 12 August 2017

Where: Mikkeller Barrel Room, Refshaleøen, Copenhagen

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