Bokkereyder Framboos Frenzy at Koelschip


We’re closing in on the end of the year, and we at Koelschip would like to thank everyone for your continued faith in us. We’ve been serving you lambic since late February, and the positive response to our proud work into bringing Belgian sour beer to the good people of Denmark has been nothing but humbling and heart-warming.

Throughout the months we’ve been gladly popping bottles for you, from the most humble to the rarest of the rare waelzbro, we’ve had many highs. Of course, CBC and the Mikkeller Beer Week around it were a wonderful time for all involved, and we were happy to welcome you in droves.

But yet… we felt we could do even better. And that’s why we’re going to.

Just one blowout party, the one celebration to end all celebrations before we dive head first into Christmas and the New Year’s fireworks and (urgh) champagne.

Because of the overwhelming response to our Bokkereyder event on the Wednesday of Mikkeller Beer Week, we decided to invite blender Raf over again. And this time… we’re pulling out all the stops! This will be the most ridiculously awesome lambic event you’ll have ever attended. Please allow us to explain why.

First of all, we’re releasing four new Bokkereyder framboos (raspberry) beers. Hence the name of the event. Duh.

- Framboos Puur: 2 year old pinot noir barrel aged lambic with raspberries
- Framboos Cognac: 2 year old cognac barrel aged lambic with raspberries
- Framboos Vanille: 2 year old pinot noir barrel aged lambic with raspberries and Madagascar & Tahitian vanilla beans 
- Framboos Saison: Fantôme saison with lambic and raspberries

Every beer contains 400 grams of fresh Pajottenland raspberries, freshly picked in July this year!

For you wine lovers, there’s also an extra treat at this event! We’ll be pouring glasses of a beautifully oxidized natural wine, courtesy of Ghislain at Puur Wijn ( This local winery, with whom Bokkereyder’s been collaborating for a good long while and still has some awesome projects in the works, has managed to produce a wine that’s reminiscent of the universally praised vin jaune of the Jura region in France. A must-try!

Another exclusive for this event is the Ode Gøze: a geuze blend made as the first (but not last!) official collaboration between Bokkereyder and Koelschip. This delightful demi (that’s 375ml in beer/champagne nerd talk) is extremely limited, and only available for drink-in at the event. You jonesin’ for that tick, brah? Better not miss out!

As if that wasn’t enough, we’ll also be releasing exclusive Bokkereyder glassware from Zalto. This Austrian glassware is hailed to be among the very finest in the world. It really is the only way to enjoy a beer of this class. Take care your monocle doesn’t fall out in the process, though. Proper. Quite.

We’ll also have some sweet Bokkereyder T-shirts for sale. Supply on the merch is very limited, so be closer to opening than to close if you want to ensure you get your share of it!

What? MORE exclusive releases?! Surely, you jest. Nope, we also have some bottles from h.Ertie, AKA Uli, to grace our line-up for this event. This whacky German lambic professor is renowned far and wide for his daring experiments. It’s a very rare thing for foreigners to be allowed and accepted into the Belgian lambic circles, so that’s a token to this man’s vision and the quality of his product. To our great joy and contentment, we’ll be able to offer some of his brain children up for tasting.

Were you around for our opening party all the way back on February 27th? Did you like the bag-in-box lambic we were offering? Well, there will definitely be some more of that! We have a bunch of exciting breweries’ products that we’ll be pouring straight from the bag, as is the custom in Belgium!

But why should you be excited about Bokkereyder? Well, this exciting young lambic blender has been collaborating intensively with Mikkeller since 2015. After absolute smash hit performances at CBC Copenhagen and CBC Boston earlier this year, Koelschip is more than honoured to welcome Raf back for this epic release at our little bar!

Oh, and let’s just say… there may or may not be a few more little bottle announcements. See you December 17th, for love and glory of lambic! Santé!

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