Mikkeller launches running app

How many beers have you earned when you have run 10 kilometers, and how many kilometers should you run after a weekend out in the city?  Mikkeller Running Club’s new running app helps to keep a balance between exercise and enjoying life.
Core members of the Mikkeller Running Club (MRC) love to run and they love beer. It is that simple.  But how does one maintain a healthy balance between the two things?  Mikkeller Running Club’s new app will show you how.  With the help of a simple calculation of both your calorie burning and calorie intake, it tells you, if in good conscience you can hang out at the Mikkeller bar all night or if it’s time to take a run in the park.

‘It is an overall guideline to strike the right balance between beer and running and since MRCs values are based on this ideology, we are of course very excited that we now have an app to illustrate the whole thing so elegantly, ‘ explains Søren Runge, President of MRC.

Besides keeping track of running and beer intake, the app has of course the obligatory running app features, like Endomondo for example.

“You can keep track of your run with regular tracking, just as you can keep in contact with all of you running companions from the club via your social network.   And then the app of course contains all of the relevant information of all of the different running chapters and Mikkeller bars around the world.”

Mikkeller Running Club App was launched on IOS December 3rd.  The android version will be accessible soon.

See the video of the MRC App here:

Mikkeller Running Club APP

More info on MRC, click here :

Mikkeller Running Club

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