Mikkeller San Diego canning first Brett IPA in the US?

Mikkeller Brewing San Diego continues to carry on the Mikkeller vision by challenging taste buds and pushing innovation and creativity.

This past weekend Mikkeller San Diego was the first brewery in San Diego, possibly the US, to put their Brett IPA in a CAN. San Diego is a city of IPA lovers and beer connoisseurs but never have they experienced the awesomeness that is a 100% Brettanomyces fermented IPA in a six pack.

This 6.5% Brett IPA dubbed, “Amoeba,” is exactly as the name suggests—an ever evolving beer with the perfect amount of brett and finished with a healthy dose of galaxy hops.

Be bold, be different, push the boundaries of deliciousness and be among the first to grab a six pack of Amoeba Brett IPA. You will be some of the first ever in San Diego to enjoy a canned Brett IPA. Available at the Brewery RIGHT NOW!

If you are adventurous and want to grab the perfect beer for your next exploit, swing by the Tasting Room (9366 Cabot Dr.) anytime after 12pm to get Amoba Brett IPA six packs!

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