Black Calvados

We have developed a new Barrel Aged Black in the Mikkeller Spirits range...Black aged in Calvados casks.

Perfect for all the greasy food you'll be eating in December. Calvados is a spirit that usually comes from France, often used to reawaken the appetite between meals with its smooth and sweet taste of apple and notes of white pepper.  Our barrel aged version has notes of crisp apple, perfume notes on the palate from the Calvados barrels and a long & sweet finish.

So when you get tired of too much food at Christmas, grab a shot of Mikkeller Black Calvados BA, and you’ll be ready to go again!

This spirit can also be used for other purposes, such as delicate drinks. Try an Apple Sunrise at your next holiday party.  Combine Black BA Calvados with orange juice and creme de cassis.

The perfect Christmas gift!

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