Lucky Bastard

This year's official MBCC beer holds both tasty ingredients and a crazy surprise.

SpontanYuzu is brewed with zesty and delicious yuzu & aged in Oak Barrels. A cloudy yellow sour with a fresh citrusy character that holds 7,7% ABV

10 cans have been marked Lucky Bastard. Should you be so fortunate to find one of these (look at the bottom), it means you are going to MBCC with a Pink (all session) wristband - free of charge. 

To be eligible to win, you need to, physically, ship the can (drink it first) to the following address, including your contact info.

Mikkeller ApS

Humletorvet 27, 3 Sal
1799, Copenhagen

Cans will be hitting the streets in early March.

Happy hunting!



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