Mikkeller HELP day

Today is Mikkeller HELP Day and we urge you all to come and drink some HELP beer with us. All profits from the beer will go to The Danish Refugee Counsel’s work with refugee children in child friendly spaces in Lebanon. The beer will be distributed and sold at all European Mikkeller locations.

More about what you will be supporting:

Lebanon is a country that is home to the most refugees per capita. Many of them live in poor conditions and have experienced terrible things in their past. Children and women are especially vulnerable. The Danish Refugee Counsel created five permanent child friendly spaces and also operates 70 mobile locations, where Syrian refugee children are able to play, make new friends, take classes and get help and support from experienced adults - a kind of kindergarten.

“The Syrian children are forcibly pulled out of their daily lives and many have experienced war too close. These child friendly spaces give children a respite, where they, in a safe environment, can be allowed to be children and play without ’grown-up’ worries. It makes a world of difference for the children. The Danish Refugee Counsel is deeply thankful for the support we will get. Without this kind of support, we could not help as many children and adults who are forced to flee as we do today” says Kathrine Schmidtproject leader for The Danish Refugee Counsel.

If you wanna make a difference. Show your support here!


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