Team Lilker debuts at Sierra Nevada's Burly Beer Festival

We just got back from Sierra Nevada's Burly Beer Festival in North Carolina! First things first, of course; we want to thank all the super-cool people from Sierra Nevada for having us there- you guys are awesome, and we really appreciate your kindness and hospitality this weekend!

We had the distinction of being the only European brewery there, a fact that was not lost on the attendees. Many expressed great appreciation that we came "all the way from Denmark", it was actually amusing when we confessed that we were Yanks just like them who had the honor of representing Mikkeller. I did a half-assed Danish accent numerous times to make the party animals feel like we were authentic Danes, much to everyone's amusement.

We were pouring It's Alive! that went down a storm there; before proceedings drew to a close, many people came back for seconds and thirds, and many others came up and said "I was told I need to try this!". Yes you did!!

Special thanks go out to Lost Province and Mother Earth breweries who we shared a table with, as well as the volunteer pourers from Sierra Nevada who helped us out all day. This was actually the very first time we poured beer at a brewfest as opposed to being on the other side of the table devouring other people's beer (!) and it went very smoothly with all the cool people around us giving us newbies a hand.

We also want to say "Yo!" to our new friends Bryan and Matt from Adroit Theory Brewing, who threw down some extremely tasty beers they brewed with us after the festival.

Thanks again to everyone at Sierra Nevada for hosting us!! Cheers guys!!!!

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