Mikkeller at Beer Geek Madness

Last weekend, the webshop Duo - Frank & Elias went to visit the edition of Beer Geek Madness in Wrocław Poland.

After 24 hours of barhopping and visiting breweries, the Beer Geek Madness Finale started in an old brewery building now used for Techno raves.

With 25 Polish breweries, 5 Breweries from abroad, Music, Food and 2000 Beer geeks BGM had the perfect recipe for a great party.
We brought along a keg of Spontantripleblueberry, Cocoa Shake and 12" Winale. Of course everybody wanted their share of the beers, which the super sweet bar-crew made sure they got.

Hours went with drinking lovely beer and talking with Beer enthusiast. We just love your support!

Big thanks to all of the BGM crew for a wonderful weekend! Hope to be present next year!


All we've got left to say is Mikkeller loves Poland and Na zdrowie!

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