Back in Stockholm!

Aaaaaand we're back! What a massive support we've gotten from all the Mikkeller fans in Stockholm! Thank you, this reopening would not have happened without you. Mikkeller Stockholm has barely been open two weeks and it already feels like home. It sure is great to be back!

With a queue that went all the way down the street and around the corner, a happy excited crowd and hugs all around, the grand opening was indeed a success.

The process of opening a new bar in Stockholm has been a long and adventurous one. We really do owe our beloved Stockholm fans an apology for it taking so long. But know that we have put a lot of energy into; finding a new location, working on getting that location set up, giving it that unique Mikkeller feeling, making it your second living room. And finding you the best staff in town! Just like the old place, but better. This time around, we're here to stay!

Even more good news, we’re having the outside serving made, so you guys will soon be able to enjoy your liquid candy and smørrebrød out in the sun! It's not just the space we're expanding but also the food menu, we’ll have you covered even if smørrebrød is not your thing. Oh, and did we mention that we will be opening for lunch as well?! Such treats because we love you guys so much, don't ever forget that!

See you tonight, tomorrow or at least very soon for beers, food or a very good high five!

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