Fuck we are excited!

We've missed having our home in Shibuya as we've spent a year wandering Tokyo and Japan with our gypsy bar. We've crashed on couches, borrowed our friend's bars, taken advantage of the hospitality of many hosts...but, soon we'll finally get to return the favor.

We have a bar of our own again and plenty of beer to share with all our friends around Japan!

The bar is across from: a small shrine, the cheapest love hotel in Shibuya, two bbq restaurants (one Korean-style, one Mongolian style), and a small izakaya.

The building looks more at home in Cuba than Shibuya and we've ripped out one whole exterior wall to make the perfect bench for balmy summer nights. Downstairs is a Japanese-style standing bar, upstairs we have seats so you can slow down and relax. From late-May we'll be serving our take on smørrebrød. There will be wild fermented sake on tap sometimes. Great beers from Mikkeller and from our friends around Japan and the world, and a bathroom dedicated to Rick Astley. Danish restraint meets the eccentricity of the back streets of Shibuya.

In addition to all the beers, in the coming months you can expect tap takeovers, guest chefs, and whatever other events we can dream up.

We open Saturday April 29th so naturally there will be 429 free beers and the tap list will have a whole bunch of firsts ever on the Japanese beer scene. Mikkel and a crew from Mikkeller HQ will be with us as well. In other words, it will be a party to remember.

Come help us to christen the space and break in our new home!

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