Our Manager in Iceland loves our MBCC 2017 beer, and has been a regular consumer. When he was laying in a hot tub in a summerhouse in Iceland he decided to look a little better on the can he was drinking. Of course he was one of the lucky bastards!!!

He decided that it would be more cool to become a cool bastard and give the MBCC pink ticket 🎟 away. So now YOU need to listen up!

This Saturday we will give away one pink ticket to MBCC at the bar here in Iceland. The only thing you have to do is pay the bar a visit, buy a beer and write you name on a ticket. We will then draw one lucky bastard out of the bowl at 11pm. If the person is not in the bar at the moment, we will simple draw another one. In other words: YOU BETTER BE THERE! 

In short: Pink ticket giveaway, at Mikkeller & Friends Reykjavik , this Saturday!!!

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