Team Lilker at Decibel Metal magazine & Beer fest

Team Lilker reporting in after returning from the Decibel magazine Metal and Beer Fest! Big shout-outs to Albert, Alex and the rest of the Decibel crew for having Mikkeller on this awesome party, and for all their help and total coolness. After 30+ years of playing shows like these, it was really cool and interesting to enjoy a fresh perspective from behind our table meeting people and serving beer!

For those who like the more intense side of metal as well as some great beers, this two-night affair was a dream come true, but we’ll focus on the beer side here. We poured the Mastodon Mother Puncher and Beer Geek Limsfjordporter over the 2 night party. Just like our last appearance at Sierra Nevada’s Burly Beer Fest, we were the only European brewery there, and once again it made a big impression with the crowd there.

Huge thanks go out to Todd Haug from 3 Floyds for all his help (yes, we’re still new to some of the mechanical aspects of this gig). Also, greetings to the Hydra Beer Company and Burial Beer Co. who made great neighbors this weekend and Adem Tepedelen who authored 'The Brewtal Truth Guide to Extreme Beers' (a slight play to my old band Brutal Truth!).


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