A History of a winner

At last year's CBC Boston we held a sweepstake competition with a Grand Prize of full blow out to one lucky winner (+1).

The winner of our Grand Prize would be given a free GULD ticket to Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen, a roundtrip ticket to Copenhagen provided by SAS, and a 99,9% organic hotel oasis to stay at during the visit, provided by Guldsmeden Hotels.

If you ever wondered if anyone actually won our competition, or who it was, the answer is of cause yes, someone won. Her name is Erika and we can't wait to welcome here at MBCC 2017.

So Erika, we want to know a little bit more about you. Who are you and how did you get into beers?

"My name is Erika, I got into beer a few years ago by taking job at a local package store. I'm originally from Philadelphia, but have lived in Providence, RI for the past 7 years."

Any particular beer that you would call your favorite?

"That's not really a fair question! I'm a little bit burnt out on hops lately, so I've been drinking way more sours and traditional styles, I've been very into Pilsners and Kolschs lately."

You went to CBC Boston, how was it?

"CBC Boston was amazing. It was like Disney world for beer nerds. So many cool breweries I'd never even heard of."

Was there any beers that you remember being excited about?

"I didn't really go into it with a specific beer to try in mind, cause like I said, I wasn't familiar with a lot of breweries there."

Did you get a chance to listen to the music at CBC Boston?

"We listened to some music, sat down towards the end to enjoy some fries and tunes though."

Which band rocked the most?

"I enjoyed Mariachi El Bronx a lot, but they were all perfect for the event."

Lets talk a little bit about the SAS Sweepstakes. When you realised you won the Grand Prize and was going to Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen (MBCC), what was you first thought?

"Honestly, I thought it was a tailored ad. I saw the post on Facebook before I got the email. After I realized I had actually won, I couldn't stop smiling!"

Did you knew about MBCC before going to CBC Boston?

"I knew nothing at all - we only even found out about CBC Boston because of the event that my friend was "interested" in going to."

We hope you thanked your friend after you won. Is this your first trip to Copenhagen?

"It is!".

Who are you bringing as your +1?

"My boyfriend, Cheyne. We both work in the industry in Rhode Island and couldn't be more excited."

Cool! Besides MBCC, is there any must-do's when visiting Copenhagen?

"We've been kind of crowd sourcing ideas for things to do. We will definitely be stopping by Tivoli Gardens!"

What do you look most forward to at MBCC?

"Oh gosh, what aren't I looking forward to?"

Which of the many breweries coming to MBCC do you look the most forward to?

"Oh wow. Mikkeller, Bokkereyder, Tired Hands, To Øl..."

Any beer you are hoping to try at MBCC?

"Do I get the sneak peak at what everyone's bringing? Ha ha.!"

If you are lucky we might send you a list on beforehand so you can plan your sessions most wisely! Any last words before we ship you off to CPH?

"I'm so beyond excited for this opportunity from Mikkeller, SAS and Guldsmeden. It's pretty surreal being able to travel to Denmark to go to such a huge beer festival. We're definitely counting down the days until the fest!"

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