Step Into the Universe of Mikkeller Beer at HAVEN Festival!

The world-renowned Danish micro brewer and founder of Mikkeller, Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, is raising the bar by creating new ways to integrate beer into the festival experience. In this year’s program, Mikkeller creates a beer festival within HAVEN with particular focus on three beer experiences; Functional main bars with beer made especially for the occasion, specialized bars with selections from around the world, and extraordinary events that bring musicians and audience together in the art of brewery.


Special beer events

Get up close, when chefs, international brewers and musicians including Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, Claus Meyer and Aaron Dessner create a special experiment for the senses live at HAVEN. Using classic methods of production, they will create a unique beer that will be fermented by exposing the beer to the open air at the festival. The finished beer brewed at HAVEN 2017 will absorb the atmosphere from the festival and eventually be distributed at Mikkeller bars around the world. Mikkeller has also invited the three American top brewers, Drew Fox, Jean Broillet IV and Samuel Richardson from the breweries; 18th Street Brewery, Tired Hands og Other Half. They will also invite festival-goers to explore the art of beer brewery, when they introduce their beer, brewed live on-site, and make special dinners inspired by their beer presented at the festival.

Main bars

A versatile selection is combined with effective service at the main bars, so the music can be enjoyed while the tastebuds are exercised. Mikkeller has made two special ‘house beers’ designed exclusively for these bars; A HAVEN Pils and a HAVEN Pale, which are craft beers, but at an acceptable price. The beers are created, so they can be enjoyed throughout the day, while still offering a taste experience that’s out of the ordinary. HAVEN Pils is a pilsner with American citra that gives the beer a fresh vibrancy with plenty of character and aroma. If you would like a darker flavour, Mikkeller has also created the American golden beer, HAVEN Pale. Aside from the two festival beers, the stage bars also serve Mikkeller Riesling, Draft Cocktails from the bottlery Brus and soft drinks from Meyer.

Custom-made Mikkeller bars

Mikkeller has established a culinary sphere, where guests at HAVEN can explore the various custom-made bars. Sporting different, individual beer themes, each bar dives into the multiple taste variants within a certain type of beer: Black beer, sour beer and hoppy beer. Each bar is equipped with 14 taps of rotating beer where guests can put their knowledge to the test and try more than 100 carefully curated beer from around the world.

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