Spit-roasted goats, oysters caught by free-divers and Catalan slow food at HAVEN

Incredible culinary experiences are in store at HAVEN when butchers spit-roast goat and lamb, chefs smoke pastrami on-site and remix the traditional Danish ‘French’ hotdog, and free-divers dive for oysters in the harbour at Refshaleøen.

Today HAVEN announces its culinary line-up, which will be curated by Claus Meyer. Visitors can look forward to fish and chips, extreme sausages, Syrian delicacies, vegan tapas, ramen, Indian dosa, Japanese meatballs, Catalan slow food, BBQ ribs & brisket from Warpigs, ice cream made from liquid nitrogen, tarte tatin and street food from three international guest chefs from Spain, USA and Canada. There is no doubt that Claus Meyer and his team have put together an ambitious gastronomic program for the opening year of HAVEN.

If you enjoy sea food, stay close to the harbour, where a free-diver will be making regular dives into the water for fresh oysters. The oysters will be prepared and served directly on the shore.
Claus Meyer has also invited three international chefs to serve their signature dishes at the festival. Meet Sergi De Meià from Barcelona, who will be serving langoustine in the authentic Catalan manner, Johnny Spero from Washington, D.C. who will present one of his signature dishes, ‘tsukune’, a Japanese speciality, and last, but not least, Guy Rawlings from Toronto, who will be making his special funnel cake with Danish cherries and cherry liqueur.

Claus Meyer has brought home a festival favourite of his own from The Big Apple and The Little Apple, the fruit capital of Denmark’s South Sea Islands, Sakskøbing, and will be offering a taster of the very first early apple harvest.

 “It’s our ambition to ensure that the food at HAVEN makes just as great an impression as the music and the beer. Aside from the official program, we will also be creating a number of semi-spontaneous food experiences that will happen when you least expect it, like when free-divers dive into the harbour to catch fresh oysters. I don’t think anyone has ever experienced that at a festival before.
- Claus Meyer
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