Mikkeller and Phantom Spirits creates rattlesnake infused Mezcal for COPENHELL!

For the fifth consecutive year, Mikkeller introduces a very unique spirit made for COPENHELL. This time a Mexican rattlesnake infused Mezcal. 'Mezcal Up You Ass' will be release on Midsummer eve at Mikkeller Baghaven and HAVEN Bar.


A couple of years ago it was a vodka distilled on the skull of a goat, and last year it was absinthe made with the blood of Danish music legend, Peter Belli, sealed within the wax. Mikkeller's spirit experiments for COPENHELL continue this year with another obscure and gloomy production, Mezcal with a preservation of Mexican rattlesnake added. Mikkeller's sidekick project, Phantom Spirits - a collaboration between Mikkeller and the micro distillery, Den Klodsede Bjørn - has been in charge of the product development.

"Copenhell provides us with a great opportunity to experiment with some insane, funny, and crazy projects, but even though we balance on the edge of the obscure, we never compromise when it comes to the quality of the product, and we are really proud of this Mezcal. Also, having been able to work with a authentic Mexican producer has been a real treat" says Mixen Lindberg, Head of Phantom Spirits.

Carefully handmade
'Mezcal Up Your Ass' is a very limited production of 200 bottles and everything down to the last and smallest detail has been made by hand - from the handpicking of the agave, to bottling - by the small family-owned Mexican producer, Papalotes & Rehiletes con Avecanor.

The label is designed by Copenhell's art director, Jakob Printzlau, and the name was inspired by Metallica's legendary demo from 1982 'Metal Up Your Ass'. 20 bottles have been made as limited editions in exclusive handmade coffins with high quality matching t-shirts.

It's tradition, in the state of Guerrero, to drown the snakes in Mezcal just before they die, in order to dispose of the venom. The snakes used for this Mezcal have been cleaned thoroughly post-mortem, after which their insides were then stuffed and sealed with cinnamon, raisins, anise, banana, pineapple and selected herbs before a nice boil. Finally, the preservation has been cold-infused into the Mezcal.


Mezcal Up Your Ass

Produced by Papalotes & Rehiletes con Avecanor in Petaquillas, Guerrero, Mexico.

Made with glow in the dark label in 200 copies (666 kr.), 20 of which is limited editions lowered into a special handmade coffin with a t-shirt (999 kr.).

Bottles and t-shirts are sold separately via Mikkeller's webshop, Mikkeller Bottle Shops and the shop, Den Sidste Dråbe.


Will be released at Mikkeller Baghaven and HAVEN Bar on Midsummer eve (second day of COPENHELL). Both locations will serve free samples. In addition the cocktailbar, Mikropolis has made a special cocktail with both 'Mezcal Up Your Ass' and beer.

Mikkeller Baghaven

Baghaven Midsummer Eve, Release Event


Watch the 'Mezcal Up Your Ass' production movie here:


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