Handverksolfestivalen in Oslo

Sour beer, plush reindeer!

Head brewer Kyle from beer and BBQ heaven Warpigs and Dennis, bar manager at lambic nirvana Koelschip, went Norway to represent Warpigs and Mikkeller at the Handverksolfestivalen in Oslo.

Beer showers, rain and mud, and lots of fun had with fellow brewers. That’s pretty much our outing to Norway in a nutshell. The festival took place in a deconsecrated church, and it’s hard to imagine a better place to invite fiends such as ourselves.

Located smack bang in the center of Oslo, the church and its surrounding grounds were the setting of the first ever Handverksolfestivalen. Hosted by the people behind the iconic craft beer bar Café Sara, this was gonna be one for the books.

Some technical hiccups on day one. For any bar owner that fancies a beer shower: disconnecting the beer hose when the gas hose is turned on, is what we call – in industry terms – a brainfart.

With everything pulled together on Saturday, things got a bit busier and the Norwegians were super excited to try some fresh IPA and tangy, fruity Raspberry Tripelbock. Guess beer tastes all the better if it doesn’t cost you a million kroner a glass. Take notes, Norway!

It doesn’t take much to make us content. Give the head brewer some peers to chat to and the sour beer guy some authentic Norwegian kveik, and you’ll see some happy chappies!

Tak for having us, Oslo, and see you next time!

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