Meet our new Master Blender!

This is Ehren Schmidt, our new Master Blender at Mikkeller Baghaven! A man that knows his shit, and a dude that we are super excited to welcome to the Mikkeller family.

Who is this new Master Blender then?

Ehren Schmidt was previously the Head Brewer, Blender, and Yeast Scientist at Toolbox Brewing Company in San Diego California. He studied Geological Sciences at The University of Missouri-Columbia. His passion for beer and background in science led him into the brewing industry where he has become an authority on wild yeast and bacteria isolation, characterization, and implementation. Toolbox has won a variety of awards for Ehren’s creations, including a bronze in the Wood and Barrel Aged Sour Beer category at the 2016 World Beer Cup and Gold at the 2016 San Diego International Beer Competition. Ehren’s passion is combining aspects of art and science to create new and interesting beers that are constantly raising the bar and sparking discussion.

What's the plan for Baghaven?

Ehren will continue to explore wild yeast and bacteria fermentations at Baghaven. In addition to the multiple foeders currently there, Baghaven will also accommodate about 100 oak wine barrels. Expect to see a plethora of spontaneous and fruited wild ales and oak aged farmhouse ales come out of Copenhagen’s “backyard” in the near future. 

Future releases?

"Initially we will be releasing a blended foeder aged beer. Shortly after I get to DK I will start fruiting some of the foeder stuff too. I plan on filling a great deal of the wine barrels with barrel fermented saisons (some will see fruit others will remain unfruited)."

So the best way to put it is a mixed array of spontaneous/wild ales with and without fruit and and other farmhouse styles. And obviously we wanna set the bar high!

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