Thank you!

The first ever HAVEN Festival is now in the history books and we have a lot of people that deserves a thank you for making it all possible!

Making a festival this size takes a lot of time, a lot of preparation, a lot of beer(!), and a shitload of passionate people! An estimated 25.000 people visited Haven Festival over the course of 2 days and these are the people that deserves the biggest thank you!

Thank you for looking through the obvious flaws that any newborn festival will experience. We have heard all of your feedback and will take with us moving forward with the preparations for next year. Cause we will be back again in 2018! 

All our bars at Haven didn't set up themselves and all the beers being served out of the bars didn't pour themselves either. It required a huge team of happy and hard working volunteers to make everything run as smoothly as it did this year (yes, we know there was a little bit of queing for which we apologies). To all you volunteers! THANK YOU.

Finally, thank you to all the partners, to Meyers, Aaron and Bryce Dessner, and to all the amazing artists who performed better than we could ever have expected!

And on a final note..!


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