A podcast with “endless possibilities”

In our podcast series 'Mikkeller Stories' we dive into some of the great moments that have shaped Mikkeller and explore the anecdotes behind our beers, concepts and events.

Behind the podcast is Millimeter Produktion, a small Danish Production company who among others have done documentaries and TV production for The National Danish TV station DR. Rune Grassov, who owns the production company, wished to explore the podcast medium.

“I love making film and TV, but sound is such an incredible medium to tell stories with. With film, sound and image go hand in hand, but in a podcast, you have to create images in the listener’s mind. It is a challenge, but at the same time it gives you a fantastic freedom, because the palette seems endless and comes with a sea of possibilities,” he explains.

Many different spheres

In order to create these inner images, he - along with producer and host of the podcast, Danny Pang, visited the old basement in the apartment block of Copenhagen, where Founder of Mikkeller, Mikkel Bjergsø, used to grind malt when he started out as a homebrewer almost 20 years ago. They also visited the vibrant atmosphere of Mikkeller Beer Celebration, where around 8.000 beer lovers and over one hundred brewers and breweries celebrate beer and everything around it.

Last but not least, they went to the opening of a ramen restaurant to tell the story about Mikkeller’s successful retail concept Ramen to Biíru – a collaboration between the Japanese ramen cook Takuro Otani, restaurateur Daisuke Uki, and Mikkeller that merges beer and ramen.

“Mikkeller was an obvious subject to dive into, because the brand contains so many great stories and operates in so many different spheres; beer, food, culture, collaborations and even sports. It holds so many great stories and interesting people, which gives you endless possibilities as a storyteller,” says Danny Pang.

You can find all episodes of Mikkeller Stories here.

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