Beer cocktail at ​30,000ft

Since last Fall, travellers flying with SAS have been able to enjoy a unique Mikkeller Cocktail, which blends a mikkeller spirits vodka, ginger and lime with refreshing Mikkeller Berliner Weisse beer.

Now you don’t have to be at 30,000ft to experience a piece of Mikkeller sophistication, as our beer cocktail set has arrived at the Mikkeller Webshop, Bottleshops and all Copenhagen bars. Each set - which serves two people - contains a bottle of blended vodka, ginger and lime, and a can of Mikkeller Drink’in Berliner Passion weisse beer.

To create this satisfyingly balanced and refreshing cocktail, simply fill a glass with ice, pour in Drink’in Berliner Passion and top with the vodka and lime cocktail. Garnish with mint if you have it to hand, then relax and enjoy!


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