We are very excited to announce our collaboration with Oregon Specialty Fruit, who will be delivering a wide variety of fruits for a lot of upcoming Mikkeller beers. OSF are, in our humble opinion, producing some of the most delicious fruit we have tasted so far, and after a long test fase, we are now ready to start launching multiple series of "Brewed w/ Oregon Fruits!" beer.

OregonSpecialty Fruit use 100% real fruit and no preservaties. They bring fruit to life by providing unique fruit solutions that will create long-term sustainable growth.     So far they can count 81 years of grower partnerships ensuring the highest quality fruit available.                                                                                               

About 5 years ago they began working with growers in Central and South America in order to source tropical fruits. The fruits they source from the growing regions meets the same high standards they maintain for all of the incoming fruit that they source domestically. 🍊🍍



Oregon Fruit are committed to continue using innovation and showcasing the best possible - and that is why we are partnering up with them. It is important for us to work with people who are as passionate about quality in their field as we are. 

To kick things off, we are launching these two Berliner Weisse - one with raspberries and one with passionfruit. They are a punch to the palate, and we can't wait to hear your reactions.

Depending on shipping and handling, both versions should be avaliable at a Mikkeller location starting next week. 🍻🍓

As always, check your local beer pusher for the further information! For more info on addresses, openings hours, and more, please visit our website:


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