‘Close your eyes and imagine your favourite beer in the world (or at least one of them). Imagine its aroma in your nose, imagine its taste, imagine its mouth feel. A beer you’ve had dozens, maybe hundred of times before. Would you recognize it instantly, if someone served it to you without telling you what it was?

A lot of us would like to think we would, but if you’ve ever tried a blind taste test before you know how difficult it can be! Blind tasting – that is to say tasting a beer without knowing anything about what’s in the glass – is a thrilling experience that keeps you on your toes and keeps you honest; you may just find out that what you thought was your favourite beer isn’t as pleasing to you as another one you only tried once and never wanted to drink again.

We’re holding our first blind tasting at Mikkeller & Friends and Koelschip on Thursday the 19th of October to introduce people to this fun and introspective way of drinking. To turn up the heat a bit, we’re making a little competition out of it: two rounds will be held in Mikkeller and Friends where contestants will be presented with 3 beers in each round poured from our 40 taps and asked to identify them. One point will be given for style, brewery, and name of the specific beer for a maximum of 3 points per beer. The final round will be held in Koelschip where contestants will be faced with Gueuzes from five different Lambic breweries.

You can either participate alone or with a partner (in other words, 1 to 2 people per team). Entry is only 100 kr if you buy ahead of time on Billetto, or you can pay 120 kr in person at the bar.

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