Bokkereyder auction part 2!

The 6L Bokkereyder Framboos Noyaux bottle we auctioned off in december found a new owner and barnabati received a big and nice check covered in raspberry juice.

Photo: Ólavur Fredriksen

Maybe you remember that in the beginning of December 2017 we put a big ass, 6L Bokkereyder Framboos Noyaux bottle - the only one ever made - on auction for charity, donating all the all the profits from the winning bid to Barnabati - a politically and religiously independent children's rights organisation based on the Faroe Islands.

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On December 11 that auction ended and we were thrilled to see the winning bid at no less than 16.000 DKK (more than $2500 USD). In addition to the bid on the bottle itself, generously decided to donate their 22,5% commision fee also meaning the total profits we were able to donate to Barnabati was at almost 20.000 DKK.

Upon hearing the good news, Djóni Eidesgaard and Rúna Ingunardóttir from Barnabati had the following to say:  

"Barnabati is very grateful for the Bokkereyder Framboos Noyaux beer campaign that Mikkeller so generously arranged in favour for us. Your willingness to help us in the fight to eliminate child poverty is of great value to us as an NGO. We are truly grateful for your contribution.
Barnabati works with several projects such as counselling and for the prevention of bulling and poverty amongst children and young adults in the Faroe Islands and if you wanna learn more about their activities we urge you to visit their website at:
Thanks to Raf, mastermind and master blender at Bokkereyder, for his support and involvement, to Mikkeller Tórshavn for their help, and to for facilitating the auction and for their donation, and to all bidders.
The bottle will soon be on it's way to the new owner. 
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