Bokkereyder Auction!

This is your chance to become the owner of THE only 6L bottle of Bokkereyder Framboos Noyaux in the world while supporting a good cause at the same time. We are super excited to auction this big bottle of lambic goodnes away in support og children's rights.

Maybe you've seen us pop one of these Bokkereyder magnums at a Mikkeller bar opening somewhere in the world, and yes, we have to admit that it has become somewhat of a bad habit for us to persuade Raf, mastermind and master blender of Bokkereyder fame to sell us a 6L bottle of Framboos-pleasure when we seek out on new adventures. That was also the case when we went to the opening of Mikkeller Tórshavnbut it was misplaced and we somehow forgot about it (crazy, right?!) Too bad for us but really good news for you, cos our team on the Faroe Island felt the Christmas spirit and decided to put it up for a charity auction, donating all the profits from the winning bid to Barnabati - a politically and religiously independent children's rights organisation that listens to, supports and strengthens children's and young adults' rights in society on the Faroe Islands.

About the beer
Bokkereyder Framboos Noyaux is a 2 year old lambic with fresh Pajottenland raspberries, Madagascar and Tahitian vanilla beans, and peach pits. Framboos Noyaux is currently rated as the number one fruit style lambic on Ratebeer. Bokkereyder is considered one of the most hyped breweries in present time and in 2017 Raf Souvereyns' Bokkereyder was voted as the best new brewery among 6500 new top brewers around the world. This particular bottle is an extremely rare and limited 6 liter edition which has only been made in a super exclusive allotment.

The bottle is being auctioned at Make your winning bid here!


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