Co-owner of Mikkeller restaurant honored for his work for climate change

A huge congratulations to Mikkeller’s partner Anthony Myint for winning the Basque Culinary World Prize. Anthony received the award in Spain just before he came to Copenhagen to cook at Vesterbro Chinese Food at the past weekend’s pop up event.


The Basque Culinary World Prize is an international award created to celebrate the way gastronomy can transform our society, by recognizing chefs who have made an impact “beyond the kitchen.” Promoted since 2016 by the Basque Culinary Center and the Basque Government, the prize underlines the strength of gastronomy as a driving force for change.


The jury awarded Myint with the following argumentation:

“Through conviction, persistence and creativity, Anthony Myint uses cooking to tackle one of the most pressing challenges in today’s global society: climate change. Based in San Francisco, he leads initiatives such as ZeroFoodprint that draws attention to the environmental impact of restaurants and provides tools for chefs to reduce or eliminate their businesses’ carbon footprint, regardless of location.”

Mikkeller and Myint’s restaurant in Copenhagen ‘Vesterbro Chinese Food’ - along with several other Mikkeller restaurants and bars - is part of this initiative, and Myint has been the driving force and key consultant working with Mikkeller on the sustainable transformation. 


On winning the prize, Myint said:

“I started cooking because I believe restaurants can make the world a better place and becoming a parent seven years ago really inspired me to explore what chefs can do about climate change. Since then, scientists have confirmed that healthy soil and good farming can solve global warming! I’m truly excited that the Basque Culinary World Prize brings attention to the optimistic solutions in the food world, and I’m incredibly honored to represent what I hope is the beginning of a much larger movement. I believe that all of us across the food world: chefs, diners, farmers and policy makers can come together to create a renewable food system. Restaurant have an opportunity to restore—to actually re-store all of the carbon that was once in the soil'.


The award gives Myint a chance to allocate 100 thousand euros to a transformative gastronomic initiative of his own choice.

Myint has just recently joined forces with the State of California to launch the Restore California Programme. This programme arms suppliers and consumers with transparent information on the environmental footprint of the restaurants so they can make better informed decisions.  All restaurants on the list can either be carbon neutral or support local farmers to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.


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