Last weekend Mikkeller made its way to Switzerland to attend the 3rd Craft Beer Festival Zurich – yet another amazing experience.


The venue for the festival was Wirtschaft Ziegelhütte: a small rural cottage with a garden and a restaurant up the hill, in the district of Schwamendingen. This place truly has the most beautiful view on the mountains and the city of Zurich itself. There, surrounded by apple trees and beautiful houses, the beer people of Switzerland gathered to appreciate some great new stuff in the beer world.


The festival hosted 18 breweries: 15 Swiss breweries and 3 guests from Denmark. The Swiss breweries came all the way across, from the German, French and Italian-speaking parts of the country. Among those were: Brasserie BFMBlackwell BreweryBrasserie Trois Dames and White Frontier, one of the youngest, yet amazing breweries at the festival. We, together with Warpigs and Amager Bryghus, was representing the Danish corner. We brought a lot of good stuff and were pouring Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Watermelon, Spontanpear and Beer Geek Vanilla Maple Shake among others. Much to everyones liking.

The festival had a very cosy and home-like atmosphere, where everyone seemed to know each other and enjoy each other’s company. A lot of families enjoying their weekend, curious beer geeks, friend gatherings – everyone seemed to be having a great time. The weather was perfect: crisp clean air, pale blue skies and sunshine with an early fall feel to it. A slight rain on the second day of the festival didn’t scare anyone away, and after the rain, there were bonfires in the garden, warming everyone up. All that awesomeness was accompanied with live music and some delicious grilled food, that was being cooked and served right there in the garden.

All the people who came by were extremely friendly and very curious about different beers. They were asking a lot of questions and, being the only foreign guests at the Zurich festival, we felt very warmly welcomed. Despite that it was a Swiss festival, I]we would still dare to say, that it was a real representation of  hygge.

We were happy to serve our beers in such amazing atmosphere and to see the great interest, that the Swiss had for Mikkeller. Definitely looking forward to coming back in the fall of 2018!

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