Crooked Moon Tattoo residency in Copenhagen!

Crooked Moon Tattoo is coming to Copenhagen on a more permanent basis.

Starting June 9th., Crooked Moon will set up shop at Mikkeller General Store. We will have a big event on the 9th to mark the opening and then a residency will roll out following that. Dates, booking info and overall not-to-be-missed craziness to be announced very soon!

Crooked Moon is not only a tattoo collective that has been the 'house artists' for Mikkeller since 2012 (from Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen to some insane staff parties that shall be remembered for all eternity), we've also enjoyed brewing quite a few awesome beers with them over the years, and we consider them family, more than partners. And let's not forget that they are one of the most talented bunch of tattooers in the world.  














See you all June 9th at the Mikkeller General Store! 

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