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Four years ago, when I arrived in Copenhagen to head the kitchen at Warpigs, I was only guessing at what was ahead.  I knew Mikkeller. I knew Three Floyd’s. I knew they were both mighty forces, catalysts of the beer world and that any collaboration by them was likely to be something unique.   But I’d never been to Denmark, didn’t know Copenhagen ... and I really wasn’t sure about what place barbecue would have in its culinary landscape. It was hard to imagine a city that was in my mind, defined by the New Nordic palate, embracing Texas bbq.  In truth it felt like a bit of a gamble. But as someone wiser than me once said: “If you take no risks, there are no victories.”

And what a victory it has been!  Humility aside, I’m damn proud of what we’ve built! Raucous, rowdy, inspirational, exhilarating, strenuous, frustrating, hilarious - it’s been all of these things and more.  We’ve roasted goats on pentagrams, turned the smorrebrød Texan, gave this city some real dill pickles, upped the Copenhagen burger game (challenge that, I welcome it!), put bourbon in milkshakes and celebrated each birthday with a 10 pound, blood spewing pig cake.  Our regulars are across the spectrum: Beer lovers, neighborhood hipsters, a humbling host of impressive musicians, pensioners, and parents towing prams. That Warpigs feels welcoming to such a broad array of folks is a win all on its own.

But perhaps the most satisfying part for me has been getting to see this wild idea - a collaboration brewpub, serving only Texas barbecue, blasting heavy metal and set in an old meat processing warehouse - grow from just a vision to a booming reality.  Getting to be a part of THAT experience is an honor - and every chef’s dream - and it has made an impression on me that will last a lifetime.


Andrew Hroza

Which is why, when I decided that my time at Warpigs was coming to a close, that it was time to head home, I felt okay about it.  Will I miss it? Of course. Very much. The people (and my smoker, haha) most especially. But leaving a place knowing that it’s thriving, that it will continue to thrive, well, there’s great satisfaction in that.  Warpigs was built to last. The creative minds behind it saw to that so I know there’s more to come ... much more.

I’m excited for my successor (who we are looking for now ... is it you?) and I’m pleased that whoever takes my place will be inheriting a kitchen that’s firing on all cylinders.  

Thank you to everyone who made and continues to make Warpigs what it is.  The stellar team there has included some of the finest people I will EVER hope to work with, most particularly my core crew - you know who you are - and toiling alongside them has been the pinnacle of my experience.  And to the Danes - you guys love barbecue! Who knew? Thank you for embracing food diversity, for your insatiable carnivorism and for forgiving my inability to speak your language (most of the time). The people of Copenhagen have helped to make Warpigs what it is and in my mind, the victory belongs to all of us!

To the future!

Ambition is key and while running the kitchen you will be in charge of maintaining the high standards of Warpigs.

In the kitchen we need a highly skilled Chef who is familiar with the Texas BBQ concept and someone who is ready to nurse the smoker to make the perfect smoked brisket.

As Head Chef you will also have full responsibility and accountability for all aspects of the kitchen’s operations, from managing and developing the kitchen team, to negotiating with suppliers to procure the highest quality product, to continuing to develop the Warpigs business. You will also be responsible for creating, planning and executing all sorts of events, in close cooperation with the rest of the management team at the location.

This position requires excellent attention to detail. We value respect for the highest standards in hospitality and always assuring the best experience for all of our guests.

Is that someone you – or do you know someone who would be perfect for the job?

Send a cover letter and resume to
Deadline: September 17th
Start up: November 1st 

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