We're trying not to get too excited for this... BUT GOD DAMMIT WE ARE EXCITED FOR THIS!

On November 18th we are proud to present and release no less than FOUR different bottled beers from the brewery that is unofficially known as the best brewery in the world, Hill Farmstead Brewery.

This is a one time opportunity to get your hands on Hill Farmstead beers that people in the US can't even get. But only if you are fast enough.


FOUR bottles will be released and THREE will be on tap!! 

The Following locations will have a very limited quantity of bottles available:

Mikkeller Bar Viktoriagade
Mikkeller & Friends Bottle Shop
Mikkeller Baghaven

The following locations will have beers on draft:

Mikkeller Bar Viktoriagade
Mikkeller & Friends
Ramen to Bíiru Nørrebro
Ramen to Bíiru Vesterbro
La Neta
WarPigs Brewpub
Mikkeller Baghaven

Mikkeller Bar Aarhus will pour the beers on Nov 25th for their birthday celebration.

Note: Due to the extremely limited allotment no bottles will be for sale on Mikkeller Webshop.

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For more info on addresses, openings hours, and more, please visit our website:

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