Introducing Stephen Julius - Vesterbro Chinese Food

Last week the chef Stephen Julius packed his bag and his bicycle and left behind New York City to move to Copenhagen, a city he had never visited before. Julius is the coming head chef at the new restaurant Vesterbro Chinese Food, a collaboration between Mikkeller and Anthony Myint the co-owner of the legendary US restaurant Mission Chinese Food. 

                                               Stephen Julius (Foto: Mikkeller)

Why did you say yes to the job?

“There was not really anything that kept me in New York, so when Anthony (co-owner of Mission Chinese Food) contacted me I thought it was a great opportunity to experience something new and be a part of creating something unique.”


Why do you love Chinese food?

“Chinese food is great comfort food, which to me is the most fun to play with and to eat.

Also, in many cuisines, the main source of food is protein, whereas in Chinese food it’s almost a side dish with the starch and vegetables being the main components complimented by the taste from the meat.”


What are your hopes and ambitions for Vesterbro Chinese Food?

“The overall goal is to bring something fun to an audience that hasn't experienced these types of flavours and dishes before.  The comparisons will be obvious, but everyone is influenced by someone or something, it's just about taking others foundations and playing off them and seeing what happens.  Overall, if people are having a good time and enjoying the food then you're on the right track.”


“In the long run, we also want to incorporate as much local ingredients, while incorporating a high level of sustainability, so that’s just more icing on the cake.”


Vesterbro Chinese opens in January 2019


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