Key Keg International Beer Festival 2018

The last weekend in September, we attended the second edition of the Key Keg International Beer Festival in Den Helder, Holland. Den Helder is a small town North of Amsterdam, home to the country’s main naval base.  The festival, which was held over two days was set on the waterfront in a beautiful space.

With 25 breweries in attendance, guests were able to taste beers from both international and local breweries including Aeagir from Norway, Brewdog from Scotland and Kompaan from Holland. We showcased some of our best and craziest beers including Spontandoubleraspberry, Beer Geek Cocoa Shake & Spontanpentadrupelblueberry.

The festival kicked off in the afternoon on Friday where happy beer lovers poured in to get a good start to their weekend. There was great food and music available for guests to enjoy the whole day at the festival.  

It ended Saturday night with huge crowd and great atmosphere! Once word that Spontanpentadrupelbluberry was running low, guests crowded around to get the last drops left.

We’re happy we were able to attend this great festival and serve our beers to all the great people of Holland.

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