Mikkeller and famous Italian pizzeria open in Milan

Mikkeller joins forces with the successful Italian pizza brand Berberè and opens the first Mikkeller bar in Italy inside the new Berberè restaurant in Milan.

2019 was a huge success for the Italian pizza brand Berberè. With the opening of two new restaurants and - among other things - three prestigious Spicchi Awards obtained by one of the biggest food and wine medias in Europe, Gambero Rosso, it is safe to say, that Berberé is now placed as one of the top pizzerias in the world. Beberè’s conquest continues this year and on February 12 they will open a new restaurant in Milan, which will house the first ever Mikkeller Bar in Italy.

Mikkeller and Berberè’s new partnership is the result of a common vision based on passion and curiosity, which always lead the two to the quest of new flavors and challenges. Matteo Aloe, one of the brothers behind Berberé used to work at Noma in Copenhagen, and at that time got familiar with the Danish capital and Mikkeller. He and his brother Salvatore are excited to welcome Mikkeller as part of their new restaurant:

“We have fallen in love with Mikkeller’s beers since we tasted it in Copenhagen for the first time. We truly consider ourselves fans of this innovative brew firm, and we follow its activities and new bar openings around the world, from San Francisco to Tokyo, from the Faroe Islands to Berlin. We are thrilled to welcome Mikkeller to Italy and in Milan, as we are sure our guests, who are great food lovers, will appreciate the quality of its beers”.

Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, founder and CEO of Mikkeller is happy to finally be able to open a bar in Italy.

“Mikkeller’s beer has been distributed in Italy since the beginning, so it is about time we open a bar there. Collaborating with a great Pizza restaurant like Berberè is a welcome opportunity and Milan is a beautiful city. We can't wait to serve our beer straight from the tap to the Milanesi”, he says.

Inside the restaurant, customers will be able to choose among 10 draught beers and a selection of bottled and canned beers to be tasted alone or along with the artisanal sourdough pizzas made by Berberè’s pizzaioli.

About Berberè

The pizzeria was created by brothers Matteo and Salvatore Aloe in Bologna in 2010.

During the last 10 years it has developed into one of the most successful hotspots in Italy recognized by both the public and gastronomic critics.

Berberè can be found in in Milan, Turin, Florence, Rome, Verona, Bologna and Castel Maggiore.

Berberè Milano Colonne’s official opening party

Wednesday February 12

From 7pm

Music, 2000 slices of pizza and 500 glasses of Mikkeller beer for those first in line.

The party is open to everyone.

Berberè Pizzeria Colonne will be open everyday from Monday to Sunday 12.00 - 15.00 and 19.00 to 23.30.

On Fridays and Saturdays it is open until midnight. The restaurant has a capacity of about 90 seats, 10 of them in the Mikkeller bar.

More about Berberè

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