Mikkeller and Son of a Tailor collaborate on a new Mikkeller T-shirt

Starting today, Mikkeller fans, fashion lovers, and other quality-conscious consumers can custom design their own Mikkeller T-shirt via Son of a Tailor's webshop.

 (Photo: Camilla Stephan)

Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, founder and owner of Mikkeller, only wears black: this is a well-known fact amongst those in his circle. But lately, a splash of color has appeared on the left side of his black T-shirt – specifically, the head of Mikkeller mascot “Henry,” embroidered in red. Bjergsø has tested the latest addition to the line of Mikkeller merchandise, a specially-designed Mikkeller T-shirt with the Mikkeller logo on the chest. The collaboration has emerged between Bjergsø himself and the people behind his favorite T-shirt brand, Son of a Tailor.


 (Photo: Camilla Stephan)

“We have known for a long time that Mikkel was a diehard Son of a Tailor customer, so it was natural for us to approach him for a collaboration,” says Son of a Tailor founder Jess Fleischer.


“What Mikkeller has created is wildly admirable and unparalleled in Denmark. I can't think of any recent Danish brand that has such high customer loyalty internationally, and that is so in sync with its customers. I think it is due to extreme focus, and genuine love for the product and the customers. It is an approach we share at Son of a Tailor. Furthermore, the fact that Mikkeller has a strong aesthetic expression only makes a collaboration even more relevant.”


 (Photo: Camilla Stephan)

The enthusiasm goes both ways.


“I have long dreamt of creating the perfect piece of merchandise, where quality and purpose go hand in hand. Since Son of a Tailor is a unique, high-quality clothing brand, it really made sense to collaborate on exactly this,” says Mikkel Borg Bjergsø.


Jess Fleischer and Andreas Langhorn founded Son of a Tailor in 2014 with an ambition to make the world's best T-shirt. They specialized in sustainable, high-quality products and developed a unique online styling algorithm that allows customers to order a T-shirt customized to their own measurements. The duo was seeking an alternative to the fashion industry's mass production and inflexible standard sizes.


Mikkeller X Son of a Tailor T-shirts can be ordered in four colors (white, black, gray, and navy) with a patch in six different color choices.

 (Photo: Camilla Stephan)


Available at



1 pc: 400 kr./56 euro

2 pcs: 700kr./98 euro - (350 kr./ 49 euro (pr. piece)

5 pcs: 1500kr./210 euro - (300 kr./42 euro (pr. piece)

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