Mikkeller and Warpigs collaborates with Ukrainian cidery to rebuild after Russian bombings

Together with Vitalii from Berryland Cidery, Mikkeller and Warpigs has teamed up to create a beer under the Free Beer project, that will help Vitalii rebuild his cidery in Ukraine. And we invite you to brew the beer yourself and support Vitalii's efforts to rebuild his business.

Founded in 2017 by oenologist Vitalii Karvyha, Berryland is a Ukrainian cidery, fruit winery and meadery located in Makarisvska Buda, near the country’s capital, Kyiv.

Or rather it was located in Makarisvska Buda before Russia invaded Ukraine. As a result of Russia's aggressions, Berryland Cidery was bombed and destroyed.

Vitalii has since travelled to Denmark, where he has been employed by Mikkeller to help out with various projects, so he could support his family and ultimately help him rebuild his business, once peace has found it's way to Ukraine.

The relationship between Berryland and Mikkeller started last year at MBCC, where Berryland was pouring their cider at the legendary beer festival.

Berryland was also supposed to brew the beer for the gold ticket holders of this year's MBCC, but those plans were squandered.

Since Vitaliis arrival in Copenhagen, he has hosted cider tastings and had his own charity stand at this year's Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen.

The next step will be Free Beer/Free Ukraine, a collaborative beer created with Vitalii and based on the Free Beer Project, which means that the recipe is created under the Creative Commons CC license, which means that everyone is free to use this recipe and brew the beer themselves.

FREE BEER/FREE UKRAINE is a Munich-style Dunkel/Temne, and the recipe can be found here:

  • 49% Munich I
  • 31.5% Pilsner
  • 7,5% Munich II
  • 7,5% Carapils
  • 2,5% CaraMunich I
  • 2 % Carafa III Spez.
  • 40C mash in
  • 50C x 20'
  • 63C x 20'
  • 72C x 20'
  • 78C mash out
  • 75 min boil
  • Tradition (Father of Zagrava) hops - FWH - 1/3 of total amount of hops
  • Saphir hops - 30' - 1/3 of total amount of hops
  • Tradition hops- 10' - 1/3 of total amount of hops
  • 29 IBU
  • Ferment at 10C with W34/70
  • OG: 12.8 P
  • 5,1 % abv

The beer is expected to release in July 2022, and all proceeds from the beer will be donated to Vitalii and Berryland. If you want to join in on the project or hear more, send a mail to

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