Mikkeller Beer Club: A bunch of beer geeks helping each other to have the best beer experiences

“The events being organised now are crazy!” Four members of the MBC share why they joined – and why they stay.

  • Name: Bob Smith
  • From: Portsmouth, UK
  • Member since: The start

Why did you join Mikkeller Beer Club?
The Mikkeller webshop had been my go to for a while, even though I’m based in the UK. Without a decent local bottle shop I was buying pretty much all my beer online from various places, but they were getting stuff not available anywhere else. I was constantly checking the site to see what new crazy beers they had in. When I saw they were releasing a monthly subscription box I knew I wanted to be part of it. I even managed to find the email I sent to Frank (admin, ed.) back in 2015 with a couple of questions before I signed up:

“Really want to sign up for your beer club and think it's a great idea. Have tried a few other peoples but not been that impressed with the variety. I know you guys will do it right! I really want to see what you guys pick out as must try beers and join what is sure to be the best beer club going.”

Still as true today as it was then, MBC is by far the best beer club you can be a part of!

What do you get from Mikkeller Beer Club, which you don’t feel you can get elsewhere?
The variety, quality, exclusive and rare stuff that’s in the box, but it’s more than just about the beer, there’s a real sense of community or at least that’s how I feel.Even before the official events for MBC members were being organised, people were meeting up during festivals, arranging bottle shares and wearing their t-shirts and patches about, sharing photos of where they’d been and what beers people should try.” 

What is your best memory from a Mikkeller Beer Club event?
The events being organised now are crazy! I still can’t believe we got an exclusive MBC chill area inside the main festival beer hall at Copenhagen last year. Plus the bottle share at Warpigs followed by boat trip and party at Baghaven on the Thursday night was insane. My favourite so far though has to be the early access to the London bar opening. I’ve been waiting so long for Mikkeller to open a bar in the UK, and then for the guys to arrange an invite to the pre-opening friends and family event was pretty special. I guess getting a Mikkeller tattoo during MMBC was fairly memorable as well, although a slightly blurry memory!


  • Name: Marcel Andre Chin
  • From: Zürich Switzerland.
  • Member since: January 2018

Why did you join Mikkeller Beer Club?
I saw the advertisement for the beer club in the webshop while ordering and googled it a little. Additionally I saw a lot of awesome things on my Untappd-feed and was curious about it. So I made myself a member to get to try all those awesome beers. 

What do you get from Mikkeller Beer Club, which you don’t feel you can get elsewhere?
First I thought it would be just a beer subscription but actually I really like the community. People help each other if they want to get hold of some awesome beers and give each other a lot of tips. I have three examples for that:

  1. One member’s child crashed a hell lot of glasses and another stepped in and sent some of his spare glasses. Additionally he added at least one beer to drink out of the new glasses.
  2. I am living in Switzerland and the access to the Baghaven beers is not given. So I asked the community and one member offered me to pick up some beers. Additionally he sent them out from Austria on his holiday to save some shipping.
  3. A member was visiting Switzerland and another member sent him a bottle of his homebrew to the hotel.

So basically three stories about a bunch of beer geeks helping each other to have the best beer experiences. 

What is your best memory from a Mikkeller Beer Club event?
Unfortunately I couldn’t attend one myself because something else was going on. But I enjoyed seeing all the people are having fun. One day... 

  • Name: Dylan Lieberherr
  • From: Zürich, Switzerland.
  • Member since: October 2016

Why did you join Mikkeller Beer Club?
I joined the Mikkeller Beer Club in October 2016 just after Mikkeller had come to Switzerland for a Tap Takeover at The International Beer Bar in Zürich. I was blown away by the variety of beer styles that they had and was quite impressed with the overall quality.  At the time their beers were not easily available in Switzerland so it was a no-brainer to join this club.

What do you get from Mikkeller Beer Club, which you don’t feel you can’t get elsewhere?
Consistently fresh and solid quality beers each month. I was a member of another beer club, but cancelled after the first two months due to inconsistent quality. I also really enjoy the posts on the Mikkeller Beer Club Facebook page, I have met and gained new friends through the page not just in Switzerland, but all over Europe! 

What is your best memory from a Mikkeller Beer Club event?
To be honest my memory is a bit fuzzy when it comes to beer events, but I LOVED the beers and bottle share at WarPigs with the boat ride to Baghaven in 2018. I also enjoyed meeting members in our own private MBC VIP room at MBCC 2018 we had beer taps we could pour ourselves, water and snacks! It was an oasis in the middle of a busy festival.

  • Name: Andrew Dudley (aka Dudder)
  • From: Swanley, Kent, UK
  • Member since: May 2015

Why did you join Mikkeller Beer Club?
I joined the Mikkeller Beer Club because at the time when I joined back in May 2015 there was no other beer club quite like it on offer and in my opinion there still isn't! I was at a point in my life where I was just starting to discover the world of craft beer and Mikkeller Beer always stood out to me, not just because of the quality of the product, but the story behind how Mikkeller as a company was born and that distinct branding, it’s just so eye catching, funny and obvious, so creative!

What do you get from Mikkeller Beer Club, which you don’t feel you can’t get elsewhere?
The Mikkeller Beer Club is about more than just getting 7-9 fantastic beers from around the world each month delivered to your door each month. It’s a proper club that makes you feel a part of something special, a sense of community and you can be as involved or distant as you choose to be. I have met some lovely people through this club at MBC meet ups and events that I have gone on to meet up with outside of MBC events visiting them in different countries and going on beer adventures. The people behind the scene who make all this happen have to be commended for all the hard work and effort that goes into the Club, not only do they somehow manage to source the best of the best world class beers each month, get them all packaged correctly and distributed back out across the globe for all the members to enjoy, but they are also responsible for organising exclusive club events throughout the year which are always an epic experience, creating interesting and useful beer club merchandise such as glassware, t-shirts, bottle opener, scarfs, hats etc which is a nice little perk! But most importantly they listen to the club members and go above and beyond to resolve any issues anyone is having.

What is your best memory from a Mikkeller Beer Club event?
I have been to many Mikkeller Beer Club events, all of them very memorable. In April 2016 I flew out to San Diego for the private family and friends opening of the Mikkeller SD Brewery and that was amazing. I met so many brewers from some big name breweries at the time, Apline Brewing, Stone Brewing, Belching Beaver to name but a few. In October 2018 living in the UK I was stunned to hear we were finally going to get a Mikkeller Bar in London and true to style there was a nice family and friends private opening for MBC members to attend, where I met lots of familiar faces I already knew and some new faces which is always a pleasure. I could talk about other events all day, but the most memorable by far to date and I think most members that were there would agree, would have to be the May 2018 Pre MBCC Beer Club Boat Party! Well what can I say really, it was out of this world bat shit crazy madness! I am amazed nobody died!

With a subscription membership to the Mikkeller Beer Club, you won't have to worry about going to your local craft beer shop anymore. As a member of this club you will get tasty craft beers delivered to your doorstep on a monthly basis.

The membership includes the following:
- Between 8 to 12 beers, depending on the flow of new arrivals
- Limited stuff (from time to time) that isn't for sale in the webshop otherwise
- All styles of beer – both Mikkeller releases (new and old), but also from our long list of friends.
- Access to Beer club meetups and Exclusive events and openings


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