Mikkeller brings out the wild side in World Cross Country Running

607 of the world’s best runners will compete through sand, mud and a Valhalla tent – and it’s only a month away. Mikkeller is official partner and titel sponsor.



The IAAF/Mikkeller World Championships Cross Country Aarhus 2019 (or World Cross) is going to be a smashing party for professional runners, “fun runners” and spectators alike. World Cross Country in it’s own right is considered the most prestigious running event. The 10K run gathers the best of short, medium and long distance runners – all of whom have a shot at the title.

Cross country running is often referred to as ‘proper running’ because it takes the runners out of the usual sheltered tracks or plain tarmac and places them instead onto a mixed batch of terrain. Amongst all the running disciplines, cross country is a diamond in the rough.

This year, the 5 x 2K route is built around the local Moesgaard Museum and takes the runners through sand, mud, water and across the grassy roof of the museum itself.

To add to the fun, official championships sponsor Mikkeller have created Valhalla. A 50 meter tent integrated in the route. Here a DJ will encourage the participants and entertain spectators from top of a retired fire truck. Valhalla will offer food cooked over open fire, and other vendors will be there to provide food as well. Naturally spectators can buy beer, with or without alcohol.

Thus Mikkeller takes another step in combining fun and run. In 2014 founder Mikkel Borg Bjergsø – himself a former elite runner – and friend Søren Runge created Mikkeller Running Club, which now has 230 chapters all over the World as well as an elite team HMRC

“Running has become a big and important part of the Mikkeller-profile and it helps define ourselves as a diverse company as well as generate new loyal Mikkeller-followers”, Mikkel Borg Bjergsø says.

This January Mikkeller announced it’s own brand of running clothes, Final Gravity, adding fashion to fun and run. And beer of course. Final Gravity is a co-lab between Mikkeller and Danish design company Femmes Régionales.

The new clothes will be on display, when a Mikkeller-team led by Mikkel Borg Bjergsø himself will participate in a 4 x2k relay. He will be competing against among others His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik. In fact the two will be in direct competition, since they are both finishers for their teams.

Mikkeller will be hosting two after-parties. One for the delegates will take place at the Aarhus International Sailing Center, featuring food from Michelin-hounored Mikkeller restaurant Selma a performance by Nelson Can and a new take on the championships fire truck.

For non-delegates, Mikkeller will host an after-party at Mikkeller Bar Aarhus. - Mikkeller will offer a free beer to all runners who present a bib number or medal.

IAAF/Mikkeller World Championships Cross Country Aarhus 2019, 30th March 2019

The races:
2K sprint
4x2K relay
4/8/12K Cross & Trail
10K World Championship

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