Mikkeller launches first organic can beers

Refreshing berliner weisse with an summery taste of raspberries or cherries. The brewery’s first organic beers on can, ’Raspberry’ and ’Sour Cherry are now available at all Mikkeller locations. 

Mikkeller is constantly working on developing new types of beer and seeking new ways to accomplish what might not seem possible at first.

The brewery has already had a lot of success with its series of non ABV and gluten free beers, but an organic beer has been a long time in the making - mainly due to the quality available of organic hops so far has been too low.

When Mikkeller released the first organic draft beer in November, Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, founder and CEO of Mikkeller, explained:

“Lots of breweries brew organic beer, but I wanted to make sure, that once we brewed one, it had to be at least as good as any of our other beers,” he said.

The solution came in the form of a light berliner weisse, which in contrast to hoppy beer types like pale ale and india pale ale, does not get most of its taste from the hops. The berliner weisse is more sour instead of bitter and gets part of its sweet sourness from the different fruits used.

In the organic draft beer, Mikkeller used high quality, peruvian organic passionfruit, which gave it an intense taste and smell of passionfruit.

In the ’Sour Cherry’ and ’Raspberry’ organic berliner the berries likewise adds a fruity complexity to the refreshing beer.

Mikkeller is continuing the development of more organic beers and already has new releases planned, so stay tuned!


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