Mikkeller opens a new bar

Almost overnight Danish brewery Mikkeller was forced to close down all of its bars and restaurants all over the world. Now the company launches Mikkeller Virtual, an online community bar where beer lovers and Mikkeller fans from all over the world can enjoy beer together alone.

“For entrepreneurs in the hospitality business in Europe and the US, the last week has been a nightmare and almost surreal - like nothing you would have ever imagined could happen to you. You can either depressingly watch while your business falls apart piece by piece or you can do everything in your power to protect what you spend the last 14 years of you life building”, says CEO and founder in Mikkeller, Mikkel Borg Bjergsø. He of course chose the last.

With 46 bars and restaurants all over the world there is a lot at stake these days and with his team, from Mikkeller’s Headquarter in Copenhagen, he’s been working night and day the last week to find the best solutions for the company and his employees and come up with new ideas to keep the business running. The main part of the employees have worked from home and started up a Messenger thread together to stay in contact, interact - and not least keep their spirits up. Here they have also shared ideas, initiatives and virtual cheers.

Opening party tonight

Only a few days ago Digital Director Frank Hilmer started working on a virtual bar and today the bar is launched at and Mikkeller invites beer enthusiasts and Mikkeller fans from all over the world to join the whole Mikkeller HQ team for a Friday Bar/opening party at 8pm CET.

“Via different boards like ‘Mikkeller Denmark’, Mikkeller Beer Club’ and Mikkeller Running Club’ beer enthusiast from all over the World and friends from near and far can share craft beer without having to worry about the risk of getting sick or making other people sick”, Hilmer explains.

The idea is also to broadcast beer tastings by some of the community’s most dedicated beer experts. Users can also use the video and audio chat features, share photos and write private messengers to each other.

“We obviously haven’t had much time to develop this new platform, so it is a pretty rough launch, but the main thing right now is to get likeminded people together. We will continue to work on the new features. We hope that Mikkeller Virtual will give all the people, who usually visit our bars, but are now stuck in their homes, something fun to do in this time of crisis”, says Hilmer.

Mikkel Borg Bjergsø is excited about the project and has no plans to shut the new bar down once the Corona crisis is over and the physical bars open up again. It is a great example of how great new ideas can flourish from even the most strained circumstances, he says:

“Mikkeller is a beer company with locations all over the world, an international beer club and a worldwide running club. We now came up with a concept, which gathers all the people from all these different places at the same place”.

Join Mikkeller Virtual here Opening Party/Friday Bar tonight (March 20th) at 8pm CET

Other ways we keep our business running - and how you can support!

Mikkeller Webshop

Mikkeller Webshop still delivers to package shops or home addresses in all of Denmark and most of the EU. In Copenhagen we also offer same day delivery to home addresses. Shipping is free if you buy for more than 600 DKK in Denmark. We have lots of new releases, great offers and a crazy selection. The webshop also sells wine, spirits, chocolate, merchandise and more. Get your Mikkeller fix online here


In Denmark, everyone knows the ice cream van that drives around to different neighborhoods of the city, ringing the bell and selling ice cream in the street. Today Mikkeller introduces the same concept just with beer. A small Mikkeller team will drive around in a vintage ambulance to requested neighborhoods in Copenhagen with Mikkeller and WarPigs beers, both draft, cans, bottles and crowlers. So look out or check the today’s schedule right here:

  • Kødbyen, Vesterbro - 15:00
  • Enghave Plads, Vesterbro - 15:30
  • Valby Tingsted, Bone's, Valby 16:15
  • Sankt Thomas Plads, Frederiksberg, 17:00
  • Aksel Møllers Have, Frederiksberg 17:45
  • Fokkets Park, Ramen to Biiru, Nørrebro 18:30
  • Stefansgade, Mikkeller & Friends, Nørrebro 19:30
  • Bopas Plads, Østerbro 20:15
  • Parking spot, Danske Bank, Rødovre 21:00

Running Beer

Yesterday Mikkeller Running Club launched a running beer delivery concept in Copenhagen. You can order a fixed 4 pack of Mikkeller beers, and a runner from Mikkeller Running Club will deliver to your doorstep within max 24 hours - hopefully a lot faster. The runners have set up a system to take turns as orders are being put via MRC MobilePay number 112014. The runners need exercise and people need beer, it’s a win-win situation. The service applies to Vesterbro, Nørrebro, Østerbro, Kbh K, Federiksberg and Islands Brygge (Copenhagen).

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